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Plastic Enclosure
Plastic Enclosure
The enclosure is according to EN60529 standard, free from corrosion, compressive property and insulation, widely used in electronics, communications, firefighting apparatus, control panels, terminal boxes, public accommodation, ship industry, food industry etc. We always give top priority to quality and safety, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Protection degree:IP66 Temperature range:-40℃~+80℃ ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene PC: Poly Carbonate.

Beautiful appearance, excellent processing and stability should be guaranteed by material such as High Intensity ABS, PC, AC Polyester assured flammability material and Glass 30% annexing material. The use is convenient for the installation of Terminal Box, the supply Switchboard, Apparatus Box, electrical power supply and Control Box etc.

Out of the plastic boxes which are selling at present. It is ability are most excellent, the competitive power is much higher with the low price same as the level of steel box. The products were added the EMI and preventing substance of the static electricity, and the strong point was given to the relevant mechanical protection of electricity, electron and etc.
The uses are possible according to the size such as small Terminal Box, Signal, Terminal and Pull, Control Box etc.
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